Standing Committees

Policy Resolutions

This committee develops statements on issues that
align with Democratic Party ideals. We have issued
statements on the minimum wage, the Alabama
College and Career Ready standards, and many
other issues.

Candidate Recruitment

This committee identifies and supports local
Democratic candidates for public office. Examples
of support for candidates include training, access
(for a fee) to VoteBuilder, distribution of campaign
materials, and financial support.

Voter Engagement

This committee works to register and get voters to
the polls. Additionally, this committee tries to identify
precinct-level leaders to encourage registration and
voting in their communities.


This committee works to promote the Tuscaloosa
County Democratic party, and to keep Tuscaloosa
County Democrats informed of issues and
candidates. Communications are through letters,
phone calls, email, social media, and press


While everyone involved is a volunteer, all these
efforts still require some monetary support. The
fundraising committee works to provide the finacial
support so that the County Party can do the
necessary work. This committee might send out
letters, make phone calls, or organize events.