To be a strategic, deliberate, and
resourceful political party that recruits
and supports Democratic Nominees.


To provide leadership in the election
of Democratic Candidates to local,
state, and federal offices.

What We Do

Support Our Community

In times of crisis, the County Party steps up. We
assisted three schools financially after the 2011 tornado.
But crisis is not always a single event - we have also
supported the Summer Fun and Reading program at the
McDonald Hughes summer feeding program.

Promote Progressive Issues

The party promotes progressive issues in many ways.
often hold press conferences on issues of concern, like
the charter school legislation put forward recently.
Sometimes we produce informational videos, such as 
the one we did on predatory lending in Tuscaloosa County. 
We also host speakers on progressive topics at our 
Blue River Democrats events. We recently hosted 
the dramatic production, “Go, Granny D!” about 
campaign finance reform. The party also supports events 
such as Drinking Liberally.

Support and Promote
Democratic Candidates

Some of our most visible work has always been
around election campaigns. In addition to being a
local source for presidential campaign materials,
the County Party assisted local Democratic candidates for County Commission and for the District
Attorney in the 2016 elections.